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Grand Admiral Thrawn Mitth’raw’nuruodo

Thrawn is the only alien High Command Officer of the Galactic Empire. He is a Chiss from the planet Csilla from the Unknown Regions in the galaxy. He is known to be a remarkable battle strategist and tactician. He was well trained as a warrior when he served for the Chiss Ascendancy. Due to hidden threats to the Unknown Regions, Thrawn was sent to the known galaxy to meet Emperor Palpatine and join the Empire. He rapidly rose through the Imperial Navy ranks until he was assigned to the 7th Fleet as the Grand Admiral to fight a small band of Rebels wreaking havoc on the Lothal system.

He learned about each one for his initial investigations, and he vowed to tear these Rebels apart piece by piece. He studied all the reports and observed the Rebels in action. He visited Lothal and examined the graffiti vandalism. That is when he realized one of the members of the Rebels is an artist. He rarely meets an actual artist. Now, he focuses his art studies on the artist in-depth to destroy the Rebels.

The artist is none other than:

Sabine Wren

Fan artist: Rafael Alejandro Flores Romero

Sabine Wren is Mandalorian. Her mother, Ursa Wren, was a member of the Mandalorian Death Watch with Bo-Katan Kryze. She now serves as the Countess on the planet, Krownest. Clan Wren was out of favor with most Mandalorians because Sabine, as a teen, deserted the Imperial Academy over a dangerous weapon. Sabine’s father was arrested and jailed for treason, while her mother and brother supplicants to Clan Saxon, who vied for the Empire’s attention. At some point, Sabine connected with another Mandalorian, Ketsu Onyo, and became bounty hunters. They did a dangerous job that left Sabine barely alive. That is when Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus recruited her to join their small Rebel group on Lothal. To heal, Sabine was encouraged to paint; she took to graffiti art and painted everywhere, special symbols honoring something she sensed as good and transcendental.

Then she learned of a new threat by a new Imperial Officer she read on her datapad, Grand Admiral Thrawn. His tactics and strategies are required for study while she attended the Imperial Academy. He was impressive to her, but he did not scare her.

Grand Admiral Thrawn can not believe how he feels about Sabine. He thought he could easily rip her apart and spit her out, but suddenly he is smitten when she is around him.

Generally, Thrawn analyzed only SABINE’s art on Lothal. He never really analyzed the PLANET LOTHAL’s art. When he analyzed her art, he notices Sabine’s personal life (like a Galatea) — she had to leave her people in exile. Still, she keeps her cultural aspect of being Mandalorian and fights for her people and the causes they support.

Lucasfilm says it:

In the fan-fiction, Aliit Vucon’ocir, Sabine Wren analyzes the VISAGE PRESAGE, a Sith-enchanted painting that doubles as a map to a rare ancient fleet unique starships. It is a very complex piece of art, and Sabine tells Grand Admiral Thrawn about an aspect of the painting he had missed, which surprises him. Thrawn gets enthralled when he analyzes art created by society and by anyone. But the more pieces of Sabine’s he saw, the more he learned about her — the more infatuated he became toward her.

Then, Thrawn asks her to dance the Zeltron Tango, which is a “courtesan dance from the planet, Zeltros,” and Sabine danced it — well. He had not danced formally with a woman in the Empire, ever. He barely was allowed to dance in the Chiss Ascendancy. But it is one of his favorite activities.

Thrawn’s infatuation with Sabine is not just a piecemeal backstory that includes her personality with her Imperial dossier from Academy until she ran away. It then suddenly reappears, but from her paintings, he discovers that she might be the “fabled” True Mandalorian – a warrior for her people that rules for millennia. This fact holds Thrawn’s attention of great interest.

In Legends, the Chiss are frienemies with the Mandalorians under the Sith Empire. Thrawn knows of the Mandalorians from Chiss Ascendancy propaganda films and the ancient archives. He has not met many or spoken to them until he joined the Galactic Empire. But Thrawn knows, the Mandalorians are the only group who have fought and defeated the Chiss.

(may change without notice)

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Body Mixed Into One by Helena Wierzbicki

What we think the art of our TxS fanfic could be.

Love Painting – Abstract Figures
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 15.6×21 in. (40×53 cm.)
by Helena Wierzbicki


Grand Admiral Thrawn has NEVER has passionate sex until he met Sabine Wren. He planned to enjoy and life his life devoid of romance. His satisfaction to his life never considered a mate. But all that changed when he reviewed a dossier of a former Imperial Cadet who happened to be Mandalorian. Then he saw her in her Mandalorian Armor and determined the graffiti he saw on the city walls of Lothal were hers. He also made a connection to her assembly of an unfinished weapon, Arc Reactor, was her design because its blueprints were artistically done. The more he saw her in holograms, the more he read about her in the reports and files, the more he identified and collected her art, were the more he fell in love with her. He tried to deny it, but LOVE DOES NOT FOLLOW THE RULES.


He was her ENEMY and he could kill her. But what a disgrace to destroy such a beautiful woman. He told himself to NOT do it. He tried to talk himself out of it. He busied and buried himself in his duty and work. The more he interacted with the Rebels, the more compelled he was to run to her to tell her how he felt, even if it got him killed.

Then Grand Admiral Thrawn obtained an encrypted report from Colonel Yularen aboard a new post on the Death Star. The report had nothing to do military intelligence, but more of a personal nature. A question about why he has a collection of a Mandalorian Rebel’s art. Somehow, he had to end his feelings. To cut his emotions. If only he could let someone know?

We found out who Grand Admiral Thrawn confessed his feeling to and that person was shocked. It was Ezra Bridger.

This art has NOTHING to do with our story, but it is what we want to convey. Exceptionally beautiful. A Blue man who embraces a woman mixing them into one. A desire and passion that he wants and hopes Sabine Wren wants, too. Sabine would required to be “wooed” but ultimately, if she wanted nothing to do with him, he would have moved on, though initially not easy. In his sordid life, it would have not be the first time for disappointment. But, he would understand.

Sabine Wren gave him a chance. She chose him. Why she did out of all her possible suitors, seems to be she felt safer with Thrawn. Suddenly, Thrawn knew he had to protect her.

Amour Courtois

Sabine Wren would have a court of Knights allegiant to her. In this image, they all left for dinner sans Fenn Rau, and Bo-Katan Kryze. She sits beautifully with: Ezra Bridger, Din Djarin and Grand Admiral Thrawn on her left. Image slight colorized from Black and White.

Images are deepfakes by Reface and graphics by Adobe Creative Express. Creative Commons License, attributions alike. Fair Use.

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SWAG77 Headcanon: The Darksaber And The Force In Thrawn X Sabine Wren Ship: The Queen Of Swords

Suppose Lucasfilm writers wanted Sabine Wren’s character to be like Nimue, where she gives away the Darksaber. So why show how Sabine came to acquire the Darksaber and then win the Darksaber (and its trust) over Gar Saxon in SWR TRIALS OF THE DARKSABER and HEROES OF MANDALORE?

Nimue is from the Arthurian Tale of the Lady of the Lake that bestows Excalibur to worthy to lead as king.

Sabine Wren gave the Darksaber to Bo-Katan Kryze, who is UNWORTHY to hold the Darksaber. Sabine thought of her inexperience in leadership to feel it is better for someone more prepared to be the leader of Mandalore. Leading Mandalorians — Mando’ade is a challenge.

But before training Sabine, Kanan Jarrus shows Fenn Rau the Darksaber as Rau unfolds the full story excited that the Darksaber had been recovered by Sabine. Then Rau lowers his expectation when he learns that Sabine wants nothing to do with Darksaber, not just in responsibility, but in family, too. See, Sabine knew what the Darksaber is for and what it meant but had no idea how to wield it and the end results. Sabine was not sure about her leadership skills. Today in some women, it’s called IMPOSTER SYNDROME, and once a woman overcomes that feeling, she breaks through her barrier.

Interestingly, the Jedi can train her, the Mandalorians either back her or not, but she cannot raise an army without high command at the helm. And if she cannot do that, she can’t be a leader. She may lead a special operations squad, but she cannot lead a fleet or battalion. She needs that kind of military education to be a part of the high command leadership.

Mandalorians are so scattered that the last time they had a formal military fleet was a millennia ago. They have a collection of starships, outfitted with gunnery, but they do not have battlecruisers, dreadnoughts, frigates, or corvettes starships. Insufficient to protect people from an invading force. Moreover, it has been long since Mandalorians had officers who could coordinate with others to lead a huge tactical and strategic plan in space. A few Mandalorians in the Gauntlet Fighters can fight off a small starship, but a fleet or several fleets requires different battle tactics. So who will teach Sabine about that aspect in the military freely?

Here comes Grand Admiral Thrawn, who knows exactly how to create and implement strategies and tactics for military action.

In this fanfic, Thrawn, while reluctant for several reasons, slowly would teach Sabine military strategies and tactics and show his fealty under her by bending his knee.

The question is, would Thrawn bend his knee before Sabine Wren as his queen?

A knight must protect his queen in Chiss — err — Chess, right?

Thrawn just happens to have a massive crush on Sabine in this fanfic. What about Sabine and her feelings? At first, she doesn’t want anything to do with her role, then takes responsibility, and her role changes; she is called to duty to help her friend who happens to be with an “enemy” (frienemy) where everyone else and everything changed.

Apparently, Sabine and Ahsoka find Ezra Bridger with Thrawn on a planet, the extent of the story we know. Our speculation for this fanfic is Ezra can’t leave, but Thrawn can.

The Queen of Swords is a fantasy trope and in the Tarot deck.

...the Queen of Swords can represent an older woman in your life who will step in when you are vulnerable and protect you or help you to overcome a problem. It represents being intelligent, sharp witted, witty, honest, truthful and candid. This Minor Arcana card signifies being realistic, discerning or sceptical and it can signify that you will receive constructive criticism from someone and you would do well to listen to it. It can also represent open-mindedness and self-reliance. However, this card can also indicate that you may be suppressing some pain or sadness from past events. As a person, the Queen of Swords  represents a mature female or feminine person who is chatty, quirky, forthright and supportive. She may be an air sign such as Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. She is a woman who may have known loss or suffering herself and has gained much inner strength and wisdom from her experiences. She is someone who will always defend those who cannot defend themselves. She has strong empathy and is a great person to have in your corner if you are vulnerable as she will defend you. However, she will not suffer fools gladly and if you are in the wrong, you can expect her to call you out on it without mincing her words! She can have quite a sharp tongue on her at times. She is strong, quick-witted, principled, fair, funny, sophisticated, independent and capable and will not be clingy or needy.

Queen of Swords
Upright Meaning Guide
Queen of Swords Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings

Sabine Wren becomes a woman, and a childhood friend can’t sustain her power from memory. Sabine Wren is different by the time she reunites with Ezra Bridger. They can try to adjust, but it will be contentious. Only a grown man who is mature enough to “keep it in stride” can handle, manage, deal with Sabine Wren. He would have to be a man who does not mind a woman’s voice while she speaks, accepts her point of view despite him knowing more, one willing to process information as presented, and a man ready to support her even though she might be wrong, but is still loyal.

Ezra Bridger likes to be in charge as a man. He does not share power willingly. People should listen to him. No one is allowed to counter him by only saying “no,” such as “STEPS INTO SHADOW” in Star Wars Rebels. Thrawn would not contain that, but then Thrawn can outmaneuver Ezra with a plan. It is a Chiss — err — Chess game for Thrawn, and Ezra pretends to be the opponent King. Ezra does not know how to play “Tactica” or Chess. But Thrawn does, well. Even if Ezra wields major Force powers, it resides on “let your feelings flow through you” emotions, which Thrawn can exploit through strategies and tactics.

Thrawn knows he is a “protector,” As the protector trope, he says he protects his people, the Chiss. Not sure if he is lying to himself about his motivations to defend his people or Thrawn’s reasons, but the relegation of protector to Thrawn is one he takes seriously. If he is only about the Chiss people, he would have left with Admiral Ar’alani at the end of Thrawn Treason, but he did not. He said.

Ar’alani wanted Thrawn back for his people. The Chiss were falling apart. Either Thrawn avoided his duty to his people or had another motive for staying in the Empire.

In Lesser Evil, The Chiss Ascendancy stripped everything from Thrawn except his name. EVERYTHING – all his accomplishments, achievements, military rank, and standing among his people. He was defrocked. Made naked to find the Empire and seek help. And Thrawn got help, but not enough fighters comparable to the Chiss. The Empire had the ships, but they were woefully undereducated. A manufacturing system that outputs less than satisfactory products while banking on a giant behemoth that is a monstrous lemon car called the Death Star. They won the battle, but not the war. Thrawn’s familiarity with deterrence and post battles rather than pre-emptive war is the reason why he sought lesser space for help. He never thought those who would be more proactive were not the Imperials mired down by bureaucracy. The only group seems prepared to fight a war were the Mandalorians, but the Empire feared them. Mandalorians can create unique weapons but lack the funds to build them.

Perhaps, Thrawn can break through that barrier to unveil the talents of the Mandalorians. He could do it through Sabine Wren. It comes at a compromise in his life – to stay single and unpaired in his life. He would have to settle with that. His mind is pretty much okay with it. But Sabine Wren is human, not Chiss. She is from another warrior culture, not Chiss. Sabine is too much for Chiss sensibility, but she is what the Chiss families need. Since his bloodline is removed from the Mitth Family, to save his family, he has to go outside of the cultural demands leveled on him as part of the Syndicure and Aristocra. He will replace it with Houses and Clans of Mandalorian Royalty instead.

SWAG77 Headcanon: It Is Her Art And Thrawn Fell For Her

Thrawn examines art to the nth degree. He obtains as many artworks as he can get, and then he looks at the particulars of the artwork: Brushstrokes, Curves, and Lighting. He looks at each art piece, and then he looks at them collectively. That is how he creates a collection of art for a culture. He wants to observe how the art transitions from one artwork to another. He does that for an entire planetary culture. But, he collected Sabine’s artwork in one collection when he analyzed it.

Thrawn knew artists are individuals and products of their culture, history, and philosophy. It was the pattern in particular artworks by media. He could determine what the people’s weaknesses were to counter them militarily.

We know Thrawn has a collection of Sabine Wren’s art, and we know Thrawn thinks Sabine is a talented artist. But if he examined Sabine’s artwork, he saw everything about her. He discovers Sabine is a Mandalorian, an Imperial Academy Cadet on Mandalore, a deserter, and a Rebel. She defaces walls by vandalizing them with graffiti she calls art (from the short story Side Trip), and her subject-matter content caricatures or mocks her with fanciful paintings. Thrawn could tell her moods in each of her works: Sadness, elation, rage, and pain. But most of all, her loyalty to her people. Not just to the Rebel Ghost Crew but also her Mandalorian family, Clan Wren. He discovers her frustrations with her mother, Countess Ursa Wren.

Once Thrawn learned everything about Sabine Wren through studying her art, he had to have thought to counter her by finding her weaknesses to break her. But–

But he knew she is a strong Mandalorian woman, and she could be an asset to him.


Thrawn discovered that Sabine defeated and possibly killed Viceroy Gar Saxon of Mandalore with a strange lightsaber called the Darksaber, created by a Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla, years ago before the current generation. Immediately, just by studying images, Thrawn knew the significance of the Darksaber to the Mandalorians, that it would unite the houses and clans of Mandalore. To formalize a powerful nation of warriors capable to fight a war.

Sabine Wren proved her warrior status and leadership when she defeated/killed (we know who killed him, but Thrawn does not) Gar Saxon. Thrawn immediately spoke to Tiber Saxon, Gar’s brother, to find Sabine to finish a powerful weapon she developed, the Arc Disintegrator. But, in reality, Thrawn wanted to meet Sabine because he got frustrated by Tiber’s lying about the Disintegrator’s working perfectly. Thrawn could have easily obtained the blueprints and transmitted them to the Chiss Ascendancy to reverse engineer the weapon. But having the weapon or at least its essential parts would be better. Only Sabine knew the artistry of her weapon. Thrawn had to inquire how she did it. That was still a front. He wants more from her.

The headcanon is:

The more Thrawn reviewed Sabine’s artwork, from graffiti on walls to her armor to her weapons designs, the more he appreciated her efforts despite knowing her weaknesses. She did not need to be beaten because she was already broken. Instead, she left her family and lived in exile like Thrawn did. She is from a warrior culture. Mandalorians, like the Chiss, are similarly. She is an artist, and Thrawn is an art critic.

HOW could Grand Admiral Thrawn destroy something — err — someone extraordinary as Sabine Wren?

Especially when he fell in love with her. Sure, she did not know or care if he existed, much less think he would want anything to do with her. But, it happened, and Thrawn got scared. Is he crazy? She is so young, not underage, but he is 20 years her senior. She is a Rebel, the enemy of the Empire. However, he is a Chiss. The Chiss knew the Mandalorians were from, working with them millennia ago. Their cultures divided since the “item” and the Chiss borders closed. That does not mean Chiss Intelligence did keep tabs on the Mandalorians. Or that Mandalorians did not report seeing Chiss. Most Chiss might not know what a Mandalorian is or vice versa. But, militarily, someone like Thrawn would know.

Perhaps, there can be a reconnection — a reunification?

He would only know if it were possible by meeting Sabine. That did not happen when Ezra Bridger and the Purrgil absconded him away from the Empire to the Unknown Regions.

Thrawn X Sabine Canon Visages

Why would Filoni et al in Star Wars Rebels give the same facial expressions on Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Mandalorian Sabine Wren?

A given unique facial expression is called a VISAGE.

Thrawn and Sabine share this visage. Why? Nothing is added to a professional TV Show or movie for no reason. Everything is added for a purpose: theme, story or exposition. It might be meaningless in the end, but if that were the case, these images would be cut scraps on the editing room floor.

But these images are a part of the permanent canon for now.

Thrawn enters the Disney Lucasfilm TV canon with two lizard animal relief artwork behind him as his eye are first closed, then open as he glances to his right

Sabine exits after turning from her relief mural artwork of her adopted Rebels family in the tradition of the Mortis Gods on Lothal where she hears Ahsoka Tano and leaves to search for Ezra Bridger who is thought to be with Grand Admiral Thrawn in The Unknown Regions. Her glance is to her right.

Those glances yield a feeling of brief reticence as they embark on a new adventure in their lives. For Thrawn, managing these Lothal Rebel Threat only to learn there is a lot more to them. As for Sabine seeking her fellow Rebel from Thrawn’s clutches but is that true given Ezra Bridger was not forthcoming with his battleplan.

The fact that Luke Skywalker is the last Jedi until Rey, Ezra either is a Jedi or not. What is he?

Regardless, there is another Easter Egg in Star Wars Rebels that suggests the possibility of Thrawn X Sabine.

SWAG77 History: A Romance To Remember

Thrawn X Sabine Wren Ship

In 2014, a couple of Star Wars fans responded to an image advertising the new character Sabine Wren as an artist. Longtime Star Wars fans would know that once anyone says art, they immediately think Grand Admiral Thrawn. The fans who posted under the official Star Wars Rebels page on Facebook said, “Well, I guess she and Grand Admiral Thrawn [sic] would have a lot to talk about.”

In 2015, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 performed a roleplay between Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Mandalorian Rebel explosive artist Sabine Wren. Thrawn is ~20 years older than Sabine Wren. He could kill her immediately. We got as far as Thrawn getting very angry at Sabine in the original roleplay because she got drunk after being given truth serum. Sabine, in general, would be petulant toward Thrawn and not care about his rank. Therefore, he would act by either outwitting her or murdering her. If he murdered her, he would have the whole of Mandalore searching for him to kill him. But outwitting her might be an exciting challenge for him because based on the Legends books that we had at the time. Since the new canon publications corroborate this information about Thrawn, Thrawn has found the activities of the Empire dull, and Thrawn never has idle hands and dilly-dally his time. Most of the Imperials he meets he teaches, but he never really has an in-depth conversation about his passion — ART. No one understands why he is absorbed with art and develops military strategies by studying a culture’s art. 

At the time of this roleplay in 2015, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 assumed that while Thrawn is exceedingly proficient in his military duties, he was bored personally. He barely had someone to talk to intensely about art. Eli Vanto did not know about art. Admiral Ar’alani had no time. Therefore who could assuage his isolation for human contact? Enter Sabine Wren, the artist. It is RARE for Thrawn to meet an artist. NONE of the Timothy Zahn books have Thrawn meeting a real artist. What would he say? And that was the basis of the roleplay. Sadly, the roleplay performance failed. While the dynamic between Thrawn and Sabine was exquisite, the roleplay failed when another performer demanded their character be the lead. 

In 2015, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 goal was to return the character Thrawn back into the official Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars canon. To do that, SWAG77 had to convince Disney Lucasfilm executives why Thrawn must return to canon. Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm understood. But Disney executives did not, because the Hollywood belief is ALIENS must never be leads, but in Star Trek has Spock, why can’t Star Wars have the AWESOME character Thrawn? It was not the goal to see how the other lead character interacts with Thrawn. It was the goal to see how Thrawn interacts with a real artist. WHAT WOULD HE SAY? Would he be giddy and eager to meet her? Would he play it off being aloof? WHAT would Thrawn think and say to an artist? We had to test that theory out through roleplay performance.

But since the roleplay performance failed, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 decided to write the fanfic that would follow if the roleplay worked based on its designed initial outline. Then, SWAG77 posted it on AO3 and converted it to a WiP adult fanfiction — Aliit Vucon’ocirIt is a romance to rememberas explained in the lower meme. 

The fanfic will change over time without notice.

To read the RATIONALE of the adult version of Thrawn X Sabine become a PATREON.

Humphrey Bogart X Lauren Bacall.